Vagheggi Equilibrium Facial

Balancing PH line. Suitable for any type of skin and age that requires rebalancing.

Equilibrium improves skin tolerance and allows the PH in the skin to be restored.

Vagheggi Spot Facial

Recommended for impure skin with imperfections (bumps, open pores, and excess shine).

Lime Facial

Pure Energy – For Stressed Skins Suitable any time of the year, for both young and mature skins.

Reawakening and adding radiance to the complexion with its antioxidant action.

Rehyrda Facial

Moisturisation and Nourishment For Dry and Arid skin.

Suitable for men and women of any age, specifically to keep the skin hydrated.

What is it?

Founded in 1975, Vagheggi immediately became a benchmark for professional Italian cosmetics, in particular in the field of phytocosmetics. This is a natural path to beauty, a milestone also achieved thanks to formulas that make totally scientific use of every single active principle available in nature, turning them into allies with high added value.

How does it work?

For measurable results on specific unsightly problems, the global action of the whole plant extract is combined with that of the active molecules purified from plants and used for their focused functional effect. Purification of the plant’s most significant, functional active ingredient is effective because it has a specific controllable action for the dose/effect ratio. Just a few examples: horse chestnut gives escin that protects capillaries, coffee gives caffeine with its anti-edema and slimming effect, brewer’s yeast yields regenerating beta-glucan, from the Resurrection Plant we get healing ximenynic acid and from Liquorice anti-inflammatory 18-B glycyrrhetinic acid or glabridine extracted from another part of the same botanical species, which regulates melanin in the skin.

How is it Unique?

Vagheggi’s original objective was to team the tradition of natural cosmetics with cutting-edge technologies in the creation of guaranteed high-performance formulas. Starting with scrupulous selection of ingredients that are chosen according to their geographic origin, concentration of active ingredients, seasonality and harvesting methods. In our cosmetics you will find lavender from Upper Provence harvested in June, citrus fruits from Sicily picked in January, cold-pressed oils, organically grown althaea officinalis, golden chamomile, resin crystals, amethyst, rice bran, black quinoa and lots of other ingredients, all natural, all effective. This pursuit of excellence is followed by application of innovative formula technologies that multiply the potential of the active principles already present in nature to give visible, long-lasting results.

Why should I use it?

Vagheggi’s philosophy is that solutions for our physical and mental wellbeing must be looked for in nature, based on that ‘genetic’ harmony that has always, apparently imperceptibly, determined the vital rapport between the world of nature and the delicate equilibrium of the body. A timeless relationship that leads to the creation of naturally effective cosmetics. All our company choices follow this vision and are the coherent expression of continual respect for man and the environment, based on sustainability, care and professionalism. Our choice to work in the world of cosmetics while respecting natural equilibriums demands an approach that focuses on excellent quality performance and avoids the use of extensive chemical manipulation, refuting any idea of standardisation. Fitness Analogy: The Triathlon of Skin Fitness


PRIORI®Advanced AHA with LCA Peel

This treatment course starts with home care products. It is the gold standard of peels. Promotes fresher, clearer, younger looking skin. A series of peels is recommended.

Idebenone peel

Ideal for mature, wrinkled skin and as a boosting skincare treatment to the Superceutical™ Peel. An anti-ageing treatment peel that provides dramatic and visible results specifically for individuals with advanced signs of ageing. Brightens complexion, reduces the appearance of redness, lines, wrinkles, photo damage, dramatically improves skin texture, tone and clarity leaving the skin deeply hydrated. Recommended as a next level treatment after a series of at least one Superceutical™ peel.

Your skin must be acclimatized to Priori Advanced AHA peels before moving up to Idebenone Superceutical™ peel level.

An Idebenone corrector product must also be used at home 2 weeks prior to treatment. Your technician will advise you.


Priori – Idebenone Complex Superceuticals

Fitness Analogy: The Triathlon of Skin Health The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Antioxidant The first ever antioxidant skin therapy system that targets ageing at the cellular source, the mitochondria, and provides the highest level of topical free-radical protection – EPF 95+. Ideal for consumers who have reached a plateau with their current skincare regimen and want more: This is the second step in the PRIORI anti-ageing skincare treatment program; after the client has maximised skin health & fitness with Advanced AHA.

Priori – Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals

Fitness Analogy: Basic Skin Health & Fitness The Proven Multi-Layer Skin Renewal System The latest AHA technological advances utilise a novel LCA complex that combines Lactic Acid and a multifunctional essential skin vitamin complex (Vit A, Vit E, Vit C & Pro-Vit A) in a time-released formulation to enhance product performance and results. This is the first step in the PRIORI skincare collection designed to restore basic skin health and fitness that is the foundation of any skincare regimen.

Decleor Aromatherapy

A facial that draws on worldwide holistic principles, to provide an indulgent treatment that focuses on well-being and relaxation. This facial is customised to suit each and every client’s individual needs.

Priori Peels