About Jax Wax

For both men and women, hair removal is an important aspect of keeping ourselves feeling tidy and groomed, as well as being a necessary treatment for some professions.

Using hot wax for hair removal provides effective and longer lasting results, and leaves your skin looking naturally smooth. It also helps in providing long term reduction in unwanted hair. If you’ve ever used other methods of hair removal, you may know of the discomfort that can come from the “days after” stubble effect. By using hot wax to remove hair, the hair will grow back softer, and because the hairs are removed at the roots, the long term result will be reduced amounts of hair in those areas.

By visiting a beauty salon for your waxing treatment, you will avoid the messy cleanup that can come from doing it yourself, it is generally less painful as they can move quickly and will also use the best quality product, and they will be able to reach the spots that can be difficult by yourself – because let’s face it, how many of our partners like to help with that, even if it would give them a window to inflict some pain on us for a few minutes!

Some of the more common areas of treatments that we provide include:

  • Legs
  • Arms and Underarms
  • Bikini and G-String
  • Brazilian (see below for more details)
  • Eyebrows
  • Face

Brazilian waxes have become very popular in recent years. This practice involves the removal all hair from around the pubic and groin area (“front-to-back”). Both men and women can benefit from this, and while some elect to remove all hair, others chose to leave a small strip, the choice is yours.

Men can also benefit from waxing treatment as well. At Perfect Beauty by Nicole, we offer all hair removal for males, some common treatments including ears, nose, back & shoulders, chest and stomach, and “Brazilians” – a practice that is becoming more popular every year.